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A Message From Plashdar — Everything Around You Always Changes

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I am Plashdar.

Everything changes. Everything moves. Nothing is remaining the same. And everything is able to change to whatever it chooses. Nothing is stagnant, but we can choose to resist change and appear to be stagnant in our lives.

Stagnation happens when a person is in a pattern that they are comfortable with, and when you are comfortable with anything it means that to not be in the pattern would be fearful and uncomfortable.

Most people enjoy stagnation in some areas, and change and movement in others.

For instance, for a long time I had a comfortable feeling when it came to meditating and focusing on putting out vibrations, intentions, and invisible messages out into the cosmos. However, I found it to be uncomfortable to go against the feeling to meditate, and yes even meditation can be harmful if it is done to keep yourself from doing something else. And when I say meditation, I mean the act of sitting, of being still, and of thinking or contemplating, but not acting upon what you are thinking of.

Ezekiel Memchat Answers The Question: Could You Speak About The Different Dimensions?

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Could you speak about the different dimensions all the way up to the 13th and what type of beings exist in these Dimensions? Malia

I am Ezekiel Memchat.

Thank you for your question. However we will answer it a little differently than what everyone is expecting, or what most of you are expecting. Others have learned not to know what to expect from our answers.

We cannot abide by limiting teachings or limiting beliefs in the mind. These beliefs are not of the Reality. They are not of the Reality because the Reality has only ever experienced perfect limitless, unconditional expansion.

It is easy to forget how to expand when you come into a physical form. But it is not the form that limits you, it is the mind within the form that limits you. Belief of mind manifested physically, that is what limits you. If your mind is telling you on a deep subconscious level that you are expanding, that you are growing that you are limitless then the Reality will reflect that. And it is so easy for the Reality to get that kind of message through when the mind it is reaching is not within a body, because the body presents an obstacle. But the obstacle is there just to present a challenge to you, and that is all.