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A Message From Ezekiel Memchat — Is Staying Away From People On A Very Low Vibration The Right Thing To Do?

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All my friends since i was a teen are into drugs or alcohol.  Those who arent are just full of negative thoughts.  Is very hard to me to stay around them…  So my question to the council is..  Is staying away from people with very low vibration the right thing to do or arent we here (starseeds) to show them a diffrent way to live?   Isn’t just selfish to get away from them?

I am Ezekiel Memchat.

Are your friends being affected by the fact that you abstain from drugs and alcohol? Have they stopped taking substances because you no longer take those substances, because you no longer choose to abuse yourself?

Or do they on the other hand rub off on you, and cause you to take those substances yourself even though you feel not to?

What An Old Story Can Teach Us — A Message From Isis-Neith

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Currently in our society we are conditioned to want everything quickly and easily. We have been programmed to believe that ‘the best things in life are for free’, and that the things that require zero to very little effort on our parts give us the most fulfillment.

We have been conditioned to want to lose 100 lbs in a month (as if that’s even healthy), to rush to work, to eat ‘fast’ food, to do everything that is comfortable, and to avoid anything that could give us an uncomfortable (or negative) emotion.

We have been conditioned to cover our emotions up with food rather than to walk through them. When we are upset, we eat, because it hides our emotions, and that is much easier, so much easier than actually feeling them. But feeling them would release them.