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Accepting Your True Power — A Message From Plashdar

Written by The Immortality Process on . Posted in New Material

I am Plashdar of the Council for the Assistance to Earth.

People accept death as if they have no other alternative and people accept that there are certain things that they cannot do or will never be capable of. They even consider it a good character trait to believe that they can only get so far or that god is to be worshiped as above them. They believe they would be arrogant if they thought otherwise or that they could easily become arrogant and stop considering others or do things for their own selfish gain.

But the truth is, when you realize that you are god and you are in control of everything that comes to you or does not come to you, you are at peace and you are reigning over everything, and all negativity is cast out by you and it is a mere recollection to you.

So accepting your true power then, is freedom.