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Why is the human mind so open? — A Message From Fongeetale

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I am Fongeetale of the Council for the Assistance to Earth.

Nothing is as it seems.

Everything around us is influenced. Everything happening within us influences everything happening outside of us, but also what is happening outside of us can also influence what is happening within us.

An influence can be Reptilian, an influence can be angelic, an influence can come from an entity outside of you, and it is important to go within and begin to be able to feel out your own vibration from the vibration of what is not coming from yourself. Because many people are thinking that they are living out of their own feeling, out of their own reasoning, and out of their own mental processes, out of their own past even, and yet they are not. They are simply repeating what comes towards them.

But the human mind is very open, and its psychic defenses are not developed.

Bilocation & Telepathy — A Message From Ezekiel Memchat

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When a person passes away they move out of all limitations. They are able to freely travel with their minds where they wish to go. They must come back to a physical form to defeat all the limitations that they are unable to experience without that form, unless they have already ascended previously and are re-entering a limited experience to teach others how to move beyond it. Many crystal children coming here now are people who have already ascended and came here to teach others truths that they innately understand. This is not always the case, some are about to ascend within this life or within a short amount of lives that they will have following this one. So the crystal children are the nearly ascended or the already ascended.

Those who have already ascended are just visiting when they come back into a limited form, and when they leave here they go back to the form that they ascended with. They are still operating within that form any way, they are just also coming back to another version of theirself. There are many versions of you happening now. Some are physical and some are not, and so within some you are experiencing no limits and in others you are learning through limitation, or perhaps in one you are using an ascended form.