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The One True Vibration — A Message From Ezekiel Memchat

Written by The Immortality Process on . Posted in New Material

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I am Ezekiel Memchat of the Council for the Assistance to Earth.

Stepping into your Reality is about stepping into your real vibration, and doing things that go along with that vibration. This means understanding your true self and allowing it to come through in its unique way. It means doing things that come out of your true self, and doing things that bring you more and more into its vibration, and subtracting things that bring you further away from your true vibration.

This means you have to really know yourself. You have to really know what a true high is, and you have to be willing to remove false highs and false truths.

There is always a false attempt to pull you into a false state, however the state of the Reality does not change, it is always constant and it can always be tapped into. Thought forms change, thought forms come and go, but the Reality has one vibration and although the Reality can evolve it is still constant, and its vibration is always the same.