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A Message From Safon — Clearing The Physical Gateway Of Toxicity

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I am Safon of the Council for the Assistance to Earth. Good day!

When you are involved in a war and yet you maintain a high vibration you can certainly give good advice to the Earthlings of present. War is certainly something that can easily bring a being’s vibration into a much lower state, and I would certainly say that when a being of a high vibration comes to planet Earth at the present time, your current present time, they are put in an environment that attempts to considerably lower their vibration. So I feel that we can relate to your experience, but perhaps you could even relate to ours in this way.

We are of course are on a much higher vibration compared to current Earth beings, even those of you that would be considered high vibrational normally. It is simply that when you are born on Earth your vibration automatically lowers because in order to live in your Earth body you must have a certain vibrational endurance, and you must be able to endure very low things.

Quoting The Source Interviews The Immortality Process

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We have psychics, we have teachers and gurus, but a young married couple doing spiritual work together and communicating with E.T.s is not something that is commonly seen. How have you met each other?

Isis — We met in 2010. At that time I was channeling the Council for the Assistance to Earth and offering readings under a different name and my website was called The entire site was geared towards starseeds and that’s who the Council for the Assistance to Earth was solely speaking to at that time specifically. I really resonated with all of the traits of a crystal child and was feeling to call myself a crystal child, but even so it really made no logical sense to call the website crystal child messages because of the material that was on it, but I really strongly felt to call it that and now I know why.

Wolf — At that time I was working with large packs of dogs every day and was really distancing from the human world and all humans around me. It became very hard for me to be around family or friends and I was primarily spending my time by myself or with animals.