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We have psychics, we have teachers and gurus, but a young married couple doing spiritual work together and communicating with E.T.s is not something that is commonly seen. How have you met each other?

Isis — We met in 2010. At that time I was channeling the Council for the Assistance to Earth and offering readings under a different name and my website was called crystalchildmessages.com. The entire site was geared towards starseeds and that’s who the Council for the Assistance to Earth was solely speaking to at that time specifically. I really resonated with all of the traits of a crystal child and was feeling to call myself a crystal child, but even so it really made no logical sense to call the website crystal child messages because of the material that was on it, but I really strongly felt to call it that and now I know why.

Wolf — At that time I was working with large packs of dogs every day and was really distancing from the human world and all humans around me. It became very hard for me to be around family or friends and I was primarily spending my time by myself or with animals.

I was 18 years old at the time. My mom was very concerned seeing me distance so heavily from everyone and how I just wanted to completely detach myself from the human world at that age. My mom was recommended at one point to get a reading from someone for a reason totally unrelated to me. The reader did not know my mom had kids or anything really about my mom. However, all of a sudden during the reading the psychic picks up on me without my mom telling her anything and describes me to the tee.

I came home one day from being with the dogs and my mom tells me about the reading. The reader had told her that I was a crystal child and to research it. Funny thing is my mom didn’t really understand any of this stuff and told me to look up crystal ball instead. To begin with it seemed sketchy for me to trust any humans at this point; I didn’t know anything about the human spiritual world but she is now begging me to look up crystal ball — I was like wtf?  So I am researching crystal balls for like 15 minutes and I had enough and told my mom to give up on trying to help me. She came to me an hour later and apologized and told me that what the psychic really wanted me to research was Crystal Child.

Being curious I looked it up and was fascinated that there was actually some term to describe people like me out there. I didn’t think that there was a minority of humans that actually thought and felt the way I do about the world and humanity. After researching for a bit I then came across Isis’ website. Having her website called crystal child messages made it very easy to find her. When I got onto her site and I saw her picture up there I had the strangest most intense feeling like I seriously know this person. Like she is an exact replica of me and I had the strongest knowing that I had an extremely strong connection to her. I have always turned down any girls I could’ve been with. I always said I would never marry or even be with a girl (and I never was until Isis). I wanted nothing to do with humans to that degree — I was either going to have the real deal or nothing at all. I was so crystal clear on the fact that Isis felt like the only person I could be with in a relationship. I also felt an extremely intense and familiar connection to all the material she was putting out and all the council members.

Once Isis and I ended up communicating through her website, we just became closer and closer straight away.

How did you come to discover your names, Isis-Neith and Wolf Shanti? What do these names represent?

Wolf — For my entire life I was obsessed with animals and animals were really there for me when I couldn’t be close to humans anymore. The reason I specifically chose the name Wolf is simply in honor of animals because of how much they helped me on my journey and how incredibly much I have learned from them. I also chose the name because I really resonated with wolves and I felt like dogs are still very similar to wolves and being in a room with up to 80 dogs everyday for years they have taught me and guided me immensely. So its in honor of wolves, dogs and all animals, insects; everything the earth has to offer can be your greatest tool to see and know your self since animals really reflect humanity’s state of mind. They reflect the reality of humanity and the programmings of humanity.

Isis — I have always felt that names are spoken literally over a person, they are not simply something to identify who you are speaking to but they are something being said over that person all the time. So to me a name should be significant and mean something good or call something benevolent to the person it is being spoken over.

Wolf’s name came to him right off the bat, but for me I was really not sure what name I would resonate with and began meditating on what name I should call myself. At that time the Council for the Assistance to Earth began making me aware of their connection to the Egyptian pantheon and while meditating I was visited by the Egyptian deity Isis on a few occasions all within a short time period and I was guided to take the name Isis. The second name Neith came to me in a similar way while meditating, and even though I had not been very familiar with the Egyptian pantheon before this I could feel a strong resonation to it and knew that I would continue to build upon that over time.

The last name Shanti came to me — I think I channeled it, it just popped into my head one day, and again I felt it would speak something very good over Wolf and myself because it means peace.

What is The Immortality Process? (+ how the idea was born, what kind of services you offer etc.)

The Immortality Process is a process that is being directed and given to us by The Council for the Assistance to Earth. It is a process of being who you are in the physical. You are an immortal being in the non physical, but when we come here we forget who we are and end up leaving the physical experience through the negative limiting beliefs we have. The physical experience we are creating stems from our forgetfulness of who we are not our remembrance. We believe that to be here in the physical we must eat, drink and sleep and ultimately die. All these experiences of lack that we have are based off our beliefs in it. Our scientists today believe energy cannot be created or destroyed, its quite the contradiction to believe you lack energy (so take in as much food and sleep as possible) when energy cannot be destroyed and energy is what all that is is made up of including your physical form. So we are creating the illusion of less, the illusion of destruction out of illusional beliefs. It is all about holding beliefs that align with your reality and solely experiencing everything out of that.

So the process entails an order. First you realize that you do not lack energy and that your energy is really all you need. This means that because your body is energy itself it doesn’t need any outside source of energy to survive, in other words food or water or if you’re really advanced even air and sunlight. So the first step on the process is achieving self sustenance and having the ability to permanently go without food or liquids.

The second and the third part of the process really go hand in hand. The Council for the Assistance to Earth teaches that there is a very easy way to identify whether or not you are aging. When your body is holding beliefs in alignment with aging it will continuously wear out which means that it will require sleep. If you are having to go to the non physical (sleep) to recharge that is a clear indication that you cannot hold your energy here for very long and eventually you will have to fully and permanently exit your vehicle due to all the wear and tear you created.

As far as the idea, it was born since we were born. We both from birth felt the same strange calling that we were here to do something very different and help free ourselves and not agree with any limitations no matter how real they appear to be. We both had many experiences and many forms of validation that confirmed our strong deep calling to this path.

The services we offer as of now are: Intuitive Readings by Isis, Healings and Intuitive Coaching with Wolf, Thought Form Removal Sessions and Video Courses.

What is The Council for the Assistance to Earth?

The Council for the Assistance to Earth is an interdimensional, intergalactic council of extraterrestrials from all throughout our multiverse. The council was formed to assist and protect the earth as it is a primitive planet from their perspective. There are some corrupt races that are influencing earth and its populace with corruption and mind control. On the one hand the council is attempting to deflect what other negative, corrupt races are attempting to do and on the other hand they are attempting to uplift and assist humanity to its awakening of itself in the physical and guide humanity to be aligned with its reality in a physical way — achieving The Immortality Process.

Also all of the core members have transcended the negative physical illusions we are experiencing and are physically immortal and very advanced in many different physical and metaphysical ways.

And they are attempting to bring what they have accomplished to humanity.

When and how you discovered The Council? Have you discovered them together or separately?

Isis — I heard a voice in my head from the time I was a baby, but I was not aware of who the voice was. I was calling it ‘god’ until much later. When I was 15 I started channeling more and more every day. The voice originally was male, but then it introduced me to a second voice which was female that I was calling ‘mother god’. Eventually they guided me out of my current religion, and then explained to me that they were members of The Council for the Assistance to Earth. Shortly after that I started posting messages from the council on my original website.

Wolf — Ever since I was born as well I could feel that I was being watched over, guided, and protected by beings that I couldn’t see. I could just feel them. As I got older the council guided me in a similar way to how they guided Isis. At a young age I left religion, and cut out many things from my life that were corrupt and harmful, and it was the council who guided me to do those things.

We both have the same team of guides, and our primary guides are members of the Council for the Assistance to Earth. I became aware of the names of our guides through Isis-Neith since she was channeling them directly, but it was their energy that I felt and recognized as the same energy from when I was born.

What are the ways of communication between you two and The Council?

Sometimes it is through direct channeling from Isis, sometimes it is through spontaneous downloads Wolf receives, and most often it is through intuitive nudges, but both of us have communicated with them in all of these ways.

Is it sometimes hard for you to tell the difference between the voices coming from your own mind and the voices of The Council members?

Wolf — To begin with its hard to tell your own voice from false voices (thought forms). To communicate with another being and hear them clearly without blocking them or allowing false voices in takes a lot of discipline and discernment. The key to hearing someone clearly is actually you being able to look at yourself clearly in an honest, open way. Then you won’t close off to another’s true perspective because you are not afraid to look at your own perspective honestly. 

In messages you publish on your website, members of The Council have said that they are engaged in constant war against the Reptilians and the Greys. What kind of war is it?

The council are engaged in a war with the reptilians and other corrupt races because they have to protect races that are young and in the process of their evolution, races that are not advanced enough yet mentally or technologically to defend themselves. Since all that we are experiencing is being created from our minds, it is really a mental war. The council does engage in war with negative races physically, but it is not just a physical war to them. The council is attempting to wake humanity up so that we are not susceptible to other races with negative intent.

What is our part in this war? Is there anything we can do? And do we have to do it collectively or can things be done on an individual level?

Since to these negative races we have weak minds and we are easily suggestible, they wish to manipulate and attempt to influence our minds and thus influence our world. All they really have to do is influence our minds since it is our minds creating everything we experience. The key is being able to hear your true voice and listen to it. Everything matters and everything counts, always listen to you true self and question everything. Since it is all mind, it is extremely important what you consume and digest into your mind. Anything to make your mind unclear or opened in a negative way will be of benefit to them. Eating lower vibrational foods as an example can drastically affect you not just physically but mentally. So its all about disagreeing with what lowers you and agreeing with what heightens you. Its also about quieting down so that you can more easily hear yourself. When your distracted and consuming the mainstream noise, all the movies, TV, radio and news how will you be able to hear or recognize yourself? Reptilians use these outlets to give people all the answers so that we are conditioned to never think for ourselves. That way they can easily infiltrate our minds.

The world is slowly but surely waking up, one individual at a time. One individual can have a massive impact on earth if they heighten themselves enough. Imagine if even ten people on earth had self realization to the degree of Jesus and they all lived on earth at the same time now. It is much more powerful to have 10 people that are extremely in touch with who they are than to have 100,000 semi awake. So it is always about seeing how high and far you can go individually, how clear you can become.

In your videos, you speak about overcoming negativity pretty often. Nowadays we can notice that people are already tired of the “positivity-love-peace-happiness” hippie attitude. But your approach seems to be quite different. You are saying that even eating and sleeping are forms of negativity. What does negativity really mean?

Wolf — Negativity represents lack, it represents less. Positivity represents more. All energy is infinite, and everything and everyone is energy. Since all life (which is infinite) is pure energy its important to understand energy. As energy you have options. You can experience negative energy which to you may seem like you lost something or like something went wrong. And you can experience positive energy which will seem like you gained something, you have more of something you prefer not less.

Our entire life in every single circumstance has absolutely everything to do with the fact that you are experiencing either positivity, negativity or neutrality. Literally every experience or circumstance no matter what it is revolves around less or more. Think about something so mundane, a football game. All that is on the player’s mind is a fear of loosing and they are consumed by thinking how to “win”. Every single person in the audience is thinking of which team they want to win and which team they want to loose. We are always thinking about more or less in some fashion. I might not have enough money this month, I just won the lottery, I got accepted into Harvard university, I ate pizza mmm, I got bit by a mosquito, I got in a car accident, I lost my job. Every single mundane example I just mentioned if you see clearly has simply everything to do with more or less. Negative or positive. That was the first thing I wanted to explain. Now I will explain what negativity truly is.

Science today even says, Energy cannot be created or destroyed. That is extremely contradicting with the way our beliefs are structured in our world today. If energy cannot be destroyed, then that means it is actually impossible for you to truly be in the negative, to truly experience real lack, real less. In fact, that right there is a contradiction. How can you experience no experience? How can you truly experience lack? You cannot. Your energy is infinite and so is everything and everyone’s energy. Therefore, we just need to understand the true science behind all this. Like Nikola Tesla said, “Limited minds cannot have unlimited energy.” Same goes for the body, Limited minds cannot experience their unlimited bodies.

We need to really question. Why do we experience so much “negativity” in our world today? It is simply because we believe negativity to be real. Our minds believe that energy can truly be destroyed. We believe in less and loss to be real. But since we cannot truly experience less or loss, we create the illusion of loss or lack. Our mind automatically creates everything that we experience, and if our mind on a deep level believes negativity to be real then it will create the closest thing to what seems negative to it. So with the infinite abundant energy that you have you will create the illusion that your energy isn’t infinite and abundant.

It is all about perspective. Beauty as they say is in the eye of the beholder. Well so is more or less. You are constantly 24/7 shifting perspectives of all that is. Your perspective is determined by your belief systems. Since you cannot actually experience less all you can really do is create a perspective of seeing the cup half empty instead of half full.

I will go into much more detail of all this in my course that I am releasing this year. But let’s end this on understanding eating for now. Think about eating… It is the greatest example of everything I am saying here. What are calories? Energy. What are you made up of? Energy. When your energy gets low you need to eat more. When you feel like you lack energy you need to take in more energy from outside of you because you believe you are not infinite and you are cut off from the infinite and you lack. Our minds have to step out of forgetfulness and step into remembrance of who we are and our infinity. Then our bodies can join us.

I am going to lastly share a quote I received from my guides. I was pondering the question, “Is there anything you ACTUALLY lack?” I received the answer which spoke so much to me: “The ONLY thing you ACTUALLY LACK is the ABILITY to LACK.” When you truly ponder that you will understand the vastness of who you really are.

Does the Council tell you anything about the first humans and The Fall? Are all these myths about the golden age that we have preserved in different religions and philosophies just nice stories and speculations or is there some truth in it?

Isis — The council primarily talks about the Atlanteans and the story of Atlantis, how they were evolved and had achieved a degree of spiritual knowledge allowing them to master some of the physical aspects of their lives that we have currently digressed in. But the Reptilian race began to introduce negative concepts and limitations to them, and they began to take control over their minds and their society. By assuming Atlantean forms the Reptilians were able to work their way up through the political system in Atlantis, and corrupt many of the Atlantean politicians that people were already following. They began to lead Atlantis into corruption more and more as people listened to the Reptilians and did what they suggested versus hearing their own intuition. Eventually Atlantis fell due to allowing the Reptilian corruption.

These things are still happening today. We are beginning to advance more especially with our technology, but we are leading ourselves to disaster because of the people we elect, and how we allow them to influence and control us. The only way to prevent a reoccurrence of what happened to Atlantis is for humanity to wake up (as so many currently are doing) and listen to its inner voice again.

A lot of people today perceive themselves as starseeds, indigo or crystal children. But if the pure consciousness which has no form at all is our true nature, can this kind of self-image somehow prevent one’s own growth? It is also a common habit in the “spiritual community” to think in terms of “this or that is my mission”. But can the pure consciousness really have any mission, any task to accomplish, any goal to achieve?

Isis — Identifying with a certain label or group can be very limiting or very useful, and so it really comes down to what an individual soul feels its calling and resonation is, and what will enable it and empower it to fulfil that calling or not.

A lot of people do get stuck in ‘the mission’ box, and they limit themselves to what they ‘should’ do rather than what they really feel to do. Your mission is whatever you deeply feel drawn to, whatever you truly resonate with, and what you feel the most passionate about.

For instance, I have a client that I recently gave some readings to after a thought form session with her, myself, and Wolf. In the thought form session she described things she was facing, one of them being that she would sleep for most of the entire day and night, and always feel groggy and tired, and she had no idea why or how to fix it. At one point during the session her guide explained that she was losing her connection to her guides and her origin, and so her soul was constantly attempting to regain its energy and have a breather and therefore she constantly had to leave her physical body by sleeping all the time.

In the following readings her guides explained that she was from Sirius. (So I will explain this this way.. A soul can have many lifetimes anywhere it chooses, however some souls will feel strongly drawn to a specific place or realm. Sometimes it is the place where they started out in some of their first lifetimes –what we’d call an origin — or other times it is a resonation, a place they came to resonate with later on after having gone there and had a lifetime/s there. It is really all about the soul’s resonation, what does it understand it will learn the most from.) They explained that her soul resonated with water and was suffocating from never being in the water because on Sirius she was a water type being, and in order to recharge she needed to reconnect with her guides but also with her element, water.

Long story short she ended up decided to try a scuba diving course, and sure enough as soon as she began it she stopped sleeping all the time, and she stopped feeling listless and confused about what to do with her life all the time. She became very enthusiastic and passionate over night, and the tiredness went away and was replaced with energy like she hadn’t had. So looking at this.. wouldn’t you say that it is her ‘mission’ to be in the water and do something in that environment with her life. That is where she is best suited.

I’m bringing this up because you can see how in this case it really benefited this person to know that she is a Sirian starseed, that her element is water, and also that her ‘mission’ has to do with that element of water and will require that element to be fulfilled.

Many people do choose to achieve certain things before they come here, meaning on a soul level they want to fulfil a certain ‘mission’ or they want to help others in a certain way by doing certain things. However, they fulfill that calling by doing what they are most passionate about! That is how you know you are on the right track! What are you most drawn to? What are you the most passionate about? What fulfills you and drives you the most? As you fulfill your mission you will feel fulfilled.

You have a strong relationship with animals, dogs especially. What do you think animals are here for, especially those which are close to us?

(Wolf) Animals are here to be a teacher, to be a reflection and a way-shower. They reflect all of our deep programed beliefs. They are reflecting our fear and our belief in lack. They are reflecting our fear of less and our need for more. We can just look at them and have a clear understanding of ourselves.

Animals are extremely in tune with themselves despite the fact that they reflect us. They are extremely sensitive and they are pure innocence. So they reflect the illusion to us but also reflect the reality, the true self. An animals love feels like real love. I cannot even express how much I feel animals have taught me and how much respect I have for them. I would give my life for them. They are also my inspiration to be who I really am, to remain pure and innocent like them, to become more and more sensitive and allow vulnerability.

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