A Message From Fongeetale — The One

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I am Fongeetale of the Council for the Assistance to Earth.

Quintessentially all lifeforms are the exact same thing, and yet humanity sees themselves as lofty and above all other lifeforms. Rather than studying them with open eyes your scientists have looked at them through the eyes of assumptions and arrogance, as they do with so many things.

But the evolved human understands that each and every life form is essentially the same. It comes out of the same energy, and it is consciousness.

It is when humanity steps into this understanding that war will cease, and that the Earth will be renewed and brought back to its Eden.

The depths of Earth and the heights are all filled with various lifeforms, some that you cannot even see, and yet your physical existence at this point depends on those micro-organisms. Your existence depends upon the existence of the animals, of the grass, and of living beings within the air and within the water that you cannot even see. You place your existence above their own, but your existence completely depends upon theirs. And you must see that you are fulfilled, that you are alive in the physical, that you are able to dwell here on Earth because of all of these lifeforms that you put beneath your own.

All lifeforms communicate like a song, giving off their own frequency and communicating with the Earth and one another. In many ways they are so much more open to the communication of energy than the human race. And it is only out of ignorance that the human race looks down upon other species, and can no longer communicate with them.

It is important to realize that humanity cannot be open to seeing into other realities and dimensions or communicating with other beings from those other realities and dimensions when they still cannot simply communicate with the inhabitants within this realm that they are currently in.

You must open up to what is currently around you before you can open new doors to new heights, new depths, new understandings.

Understanding is the key to opening all pathways to this never ending song of communication.

When you understand that your role is to be a caretaker, when you understand that your role is simply to help all creatures upon the Earth which is all that they do as well — they create a balance — then you will realize that you are not above or beneath, but simply part of one continuation of the one.

That is all that you are, and that is all that you will ever be. Your journey is to step into that vibration of who you are. And who you are is open and free.

I am Fongeetale of the Council for the Assistance to Earth. Namaste.


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