A Message From Safon — Clearing The Physical Gateway Of Toxicity

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I am Safon of the Council for the Assistance to Earth. Good day!

When you are involved in a war and yet you maintain a high vibration you can certainly give good advice to the Earthlings of present. War is certainly something that can easily bring a being’s vibration into a much lower state, and I would certainly say that when a being of a high vibration comes to planet Earth at the present time, your current present time, they are put in an environment that attempts to considerably lower their vibration. So I feel that we can relate to your experience, but perhaps you could even relate to ours in this way.

We are of course are on a much higher vibration compared to current Earth beings, even those of you that would be considered high vibrational normally. It is simply that when you are born on Earth your vibration automatically lowers because in order to live in your Earth body you must have a certain vibrational endurance, and you must be able to endure very low things.

It is somewhat like when a guide wants to communicate with the human that they are guiding. If the human wants to communicate with the guide they must raise their frequency. However, surprisingly perhaps to some of you, when a guide is choosing to communicate with their human they actually lower their vibration somewhat and attempt to meet the human in the middle. This means the human raises their vibration (at least ideally) and the guide always lowers theirs. Oftentimes a guide will attempt to raise a human’s vibration without them being aware so that they can get a message through to their person even though the person is not attempting to communicate with their guide.

It is easier to maintain a higher vibration in the forms that we have out here versus the forms that you currently hold on Earth. That is why it is very important to raise the vibration of your actual form versus simply attempting to raise your vibration emotionally and mentally, or even simply energetically even though the energetic affects all things.

Energy maintenance to most Earthlings that consider themselves to be spiritual is something that normally does not consist of physical activities to a high degree even though of course each activity performed is performed within your physical vehicle. But most disciplines when it comes to increasing your vibration all have to do with things of the mind and activities that help one to more remove themselves from being so in touch with the physical, such as meditation, deep pranic breathing, and even things such as listening to certain frequencies or sounds to aid in the awakening of the mind.

But we teach that the physical is certainly the most viable and accessible way to increase your vibration while in your physical body. This may seem backwards to some however it is through your physical structure that your energetic body influences you, and it is also through your physical structure that your guides influence you. If your physical structure is blocked and low vibrationally how will your intuition function and remain intact in this fairly low dimension of Earth?

So the physical structure is the thing to focus upon when it comes to increasing your vibration, and then as a side note other techniques for mind, emotions, and energy can be combined with the physical disciplines you are choosing to keep.

What are some important physical disciplines that will help to maintain a high vibration? Keeping the body purged of all toxicity to the highest degree you can is the number one way that you can increase your physical body’s vibration and the vibration of each body through that physical gate way. Your body is a physical gateway to the mental, emotional, and energetic bodies. All the other bodies will be influenced by physically purging out the body of its toxicity.

What is pure, and whatever comes out of the ground or comes off the trees and plants that shoot from the ground is a natural thing. The sun is also a natural thing. What is natural will contain the least amount of toxicity.

What is processed, what is influenced by human hands, what is cooked, and what is denatured and altered from its original state will induce toxicity into the body and create toxicity in the other bodies as well.

It is best to eliminate each and every processed food all together, however there is a balanced way for each person to do this, and to create this kind of discipline for themselves. Each person will have their own way of achieving zero toxicity, and this idea — zero toxicity — can truly only come from a totally breatharian lifestyle. However to get to that type of lifestyle where a person’s body can thrive without the need to take in an outside source of nutrients, this means that person’s body must be on an extremely (even ridiculously) high vibration.

It is certainly possible for a human being to achieve this state, but what is required is also extreme disciple and endurance because Earth at the present time focuses upon lowering the body’s vibration through consistent toxicity. It is advertised and promoted in a positive way currently all over your Earth plane, and people who are delving into alternatives are often misunderstood at the current time.

However, through discipline and detachment as Ezekiel Memchat likes to say, detachment so that you do not value the negative opinions of others or feel that you must cave into their ideals, you can detox and cleanse and create a new vibration emanating through your physical gateway and vibrating throughout each of your bodies.

Ultimately as your physical body clears itself more and more and becomes more and more aligned with your energetic body, it will merge with each of your other bodies, and whilst still being a solid physical vehicle it will be totally fueled by its energetic self and will not require anything outside of itself.

And that is the ultimate goal.

As long as a person is not cleansing their physical vehicle of its toxicity, a person will only be able to achieve a certain level spiritually. If you want to advance mentally, emotionally, and/or energetically the gateway is the physical body.


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