Why We Believe In Immortality

We are energy. All life is made up of energy, and you know what they say about energy: Energy Can Never Be Created Or Destroyed! Energy is indestructible. It is always existing and can never not exist. Every single atom and every single cell within your body is made up of that same energy, that Divine Source energy. YOU ARE DIVINE SOURCE ENERGY and your entire body is made up of energy which can never be created or destroyed, energy that cannot age and cannot die. This is what your body is made up of. This is what You are made up of.

We look around us and we see people operating as physical structures. We do not perceive them as they truly are, as energy, and therefore we impose limits upon what they are able to do in their physical forms and likewise upon ourselves. We see people getting sick, we see them aging and dying and we accept it as inevitable because we see the world through a 3rd dimensional perspective rather than from a higher perspective.

Look at your body as energy. Begin to feel it as it truly is. Feel it as energy and understand that energy is manipulated by thought and emotional output. If you believe in Law of Attraction (which many people in the spiritual community do), that our thoughts and feelings are creating our Reality, then you already have the understanding that it is our beliefs creating our experiences, every single experience we have. But it is impossible to believe in Law of Attraction and at the same time believe that human beings must experience any form of physical suffering including getting old, getting sick, and leaving their physical form because it wears out to the degree that it is no longer useable. The belief that death is inevitable, and the belief that we are creating our own Reality through thought and feeling, conflict. You can either believe one or you can believe the other. You can either believe that the mind is creating our experiences or you can believe that the mind is helplessly experiencing what our body creates.

If you truly believe that we are Divine Source Energy, and that we are creating our experiences, you know that the only limits you experience are the ones that you put in your life by accepting them as truths rather than believing in the truth of who you are. And the truth is you are limitless. There are no limits to what you can accomplish. There are no limits to what you can choose to have or be or do.

This is what it means to tap into the Divine Source Energy that resonates throughout your entire self, including your physical form. This is what it means to tap into your infinite nature and to radiate the Divine Source which created you and IS you. The Source Of Power Is YOU.