Isis And Wolf

biopage isis-neith

Crystal Child Isis-Neith

was an only child who was born into a born again Christian family. She had many gifts of a spiritual nature that made her stand out to other people who were around her, gifts that were not common or apparent in the other children she knew. She had frequent visions and heard a voice which gave her very valid information all through her childhood. These gifts and the presence she carried with her caused her to be looked at in high regard by the adults in her church and these abilities were encouraged and nurtured in that setting.

As she grew into her teenage years however, her experiences began to fall out of the acceptable spectrum of what was allowed within her sect of Christianity. The voice that she had been hearing began speaking to her more often, and more in-depth revealing more of its true identity and nature.

She eventually came to understand that the voice she had been channeling was an extraterrestrial guide  and a member of The Council For The Assistance To Earth, a multi-versal council of extraterrestrials of various races who are protecting the planet Earth and aiding it in its physical ascension process (The Immortality Process).

The members of the Council guided her out of her religion as she became continuously more aware of how programmed humanity has become, of the immense power within each human being that has not yet been tapped, and of the many illusions that we have accepted as real for us.

As the council continued to rid Isis-Neith of false beliefs and programmings that blocked her, her connection to them became clearer and stronger as did her ability to channel them accurately. After several years of ‘training’ the council instructed her in 2010 to start a blog where she would share their messages to humanity.

As a result of starting the blog in 2010 Isis-Neith met Wolf and their relationship grew as time went on. They were married in the summer of 2013 and now continue to follow the guidance of the Council for the Assistance to Earth together.


is a crystal child who for his whole life felt extremely different from everyone he was around. Being an absorber and an extreme empath he was constantly soaking up the negativity from those around him. Any time he was around a lot of people for too long or just very negative people he would get very intense chest pains making him hardly able to breathe. As he got older he would get the pains more frequently any time he was around too many negative people.

At the time he did not understand what was happening to him, so he went to many heart doctors trying to find out what was causing the pains in his chest, but doctors repeatedly failed to find anything physically wrong with him. The chest pains and also a feeling of being very different caused him to distance himself from all humans more and more. He could not hang around his friends or family any more and gravitated towards animals, specifically dogs.

He began to work as a dog care-taker and was in charge of supervising up to 70 dogs by himself at a time. It was being around so many dogs all the time and distancing himself from humans that caused his chest pains to completely dissipate. Due to the sensitive nature of dogs, Wolf became aware of his abilities, not only to absorb energies around him, but also to project energies toward others to heal and/or communicate telepathically with them, energy manipulation, and astral projection.

In 2010 Wolf was having more and more experiences of being contacted by his Extra-terrestrial guides of The Council For The Assistance To Earth. Shortly after Wolf’s extraterrestrial contactee experience, Wolf started receiving Messages from his guides pertaining to the illusion of negativity. He was channelling concepts, analogies and other forms of information that he had not seen previously from anyone else on Earth.