The Council

The Council For The Assistance To Earth 

is made up of over 600 billion members. It is not only a multi-racial intergalactic council, but it is also a multi-versal council, meaning it includes members from universes outside of this universe which reside in this single multi-verse.

Not all 600 billion members are considered to be ‘active’ council members who partake in decision-making for steps the council will take to aid Earth or who participate and engage in activities to help Earth and its population of various life forms. There are around 200,000 active members who surround the Earth physically (or energetically and telepathically for those members who are at a great distance away from Earth) and aid it in its ‘physical ascension process’ (The Immortality Process.)

The 2010 Original Starseed Messages

After several years of speaking with Isis-Neith telepathically on a daily basis and training her to accurately hear them and distinguish their thoughts from her own, The Council for the Assistance to Earth instructed Isis-Neith to start a blog (which she called crystalchildmessages) where she would begin sharing their messages. Each of those messages were given specifically to speak to the Starseed community on Earth and spoke about a wide variety of topics, including ascension, the Starseed mission and why Starseeds are coming to Earth — what they are meant to bring in and do, negative ETs, the illuminati, the immense power that we all have, and our ability to overcome the need for food and water, aging, sickness, and even physical death.

At that time it was 4 council members who were speaking with Isis-Neith: Faleekastrina, the Head of the Council, Ezekiel Memchat (pronounced mehm-kat), twinflame of Faleekastrina, Fongeetale (pronounced fuhn-ghee-tuh-lay) the assistant to Faleekastrina, and Plashdar, the Founder and original Head of the Council before she passed on that responsibility to Faleekastrina.

It was not until after Isis-Neith began a relationship with Wolf in 2012 that she met the final 3 speakers: Talia, the High Priestess of the Council, Safon (pronounced suh-fahn) the Sirian, and The Eternal Child, an androgynous being operating at the highest energy level of all the council members. Her connection with Wolf brought these 3 final speakers in.

The Council’s Current Material

After taking a break in 2011 from sharing or channeling any further messages from the council, Isis-Neith was guided to move to Los Angeles, CA. When she first moved there her intention was to study the arts, Acting and Film production, but as each door continuously closed it became clear that she was there for a different reason.

While living in LA her friendship with Wolf reached a new level as they realized how connected and alike they were, and that their paths were meant to intertwine. It was this further connection with Wolf (whom she had originally met in 2010) that threw her back into the world of channeling where the three new council members were introduced to her as speakers.

As the new messages poured through, Isis-Neith and Wolf both realized that the council’s message had shifted. Now they were not only speaking to the Starseed community, but to any advanced soul who could receive what they were emitting.

Their new message focused on the Reality of each being, the programmed mind, thought-form creation and removal, physical immortality and achieving it, breatharianism and achieving it, and what is causing physical death. They also shifted their views about certain topics, topics that are normally set in stone for the new age community. Whereas before they were presenting those topics in a general way that people would relate to, they now began to give their actual view on it.

One such subject is the divine feminine, and the council’s view of light and darkness. They began presenting darkness in a unique way that differed from other new age teachings. Their view on darkness is that it along with light is a primal force of creation, that it is not evil but represents the divine feminine, the psychic, intuitive self, and the inner world which is hidden to us. The light to them represents the conscious mind, manifestation, the masculine divine, and what we are already aware of consciously.

They present these two primal forces as being one with each other, and being neutral (neither good nor evil) and that either force can be used by an individual to emit good or evil or to influence another in a good or evil way.

The Future Connections Of Isis-Neith & Wolf To The Council

For many months while Isis-Neith & Wolf lived together in Los Angeles the Council continued to channel new messages to them.

Eventually one night as Ezekiel Memchat came through he revealed to them that the Council is operating in the future, about 10,000 years in the future, and that the Earth had already ascended previously. He revealed that they had already been through this process before, but the Reptilian race had gone back in time changing a significant (yet seemingly small) event which prevented the Earth from ascending. So the council had to go back in time (our now) as well and repeat Earth’s ascension, not allowing such a negative change to occur again.

That night he also revealed that Isis-Neith is a past-self of Faleekastrina, and that Wolf is a past-self of Ezekiel Memchat. He also stated that often this is so for a guide who is around a person; that guides are often the future self of the person they are attempting to guide.

The Seven Speakers

Faleekastrina, Head of The Council

originates from another universe in our multi-verse, called Lyshtia Lagonatha. That universe is an empathic and emotional universe, in which the inhabitants operate in emotional bodies rather than physical ones.

When Faleekastrina came to this universe (our universe) she first came into very undeveloped physical life forms (i.e. microbial life forms such as cells or bacteria) moving up the physical incarnation ladder and getting used to operating in a physical body.

She has a unique connection with Earth from a life time where she lived ‘inside of Her’ as one of the many microbial life forms (such as an atom) that make up the Earth.

It is the emotional connection she felt with Earth from past lifetimes in it and on it that caused her to become Head of the Council and to aid the planet.

Ezekiel Memchat, The Atlantean 

was an inhabitant of Atlantis before it fell. He was a scientist who had a physical yet immortal body. He witnessed first hand the leaders of Atlantis as they became more and more corrupt, but he was not part of the corruption. He was in the city when it was destroyed and he was one of the few survivors. Even his own family died.

His name Memchat is an Atlantean word meaning ‘ruin’ or ‘destroyed’. He took on that name because of the emotions and memories it brings up, and it was those emotions and memories that fueled him to become a general in the war against the Reptilian and other corrupt, negative extraterrestrial races that are attempting to influence and harm Earth.

Fongeetale, Doctor and Earth Guardian, 

is from a neighboring Universe, and the planet that he is from within that universe is at a close proximity to Earth in this universe. On his home planet he operates in an elemental (or faery) dimension and he is a shapeshifter who can take on any form of weather. The elements of weather on his planet are what he rules.

He is a guardian who watches over Earth, and also a doctor and psychologist who has studied the anatomy, mind, energy, and emotions of the various life forms on Earth in-depth.

He also aids in the war as a standing psychologist to help victims of brainwashing from negative extraterrestrial races.

He has had multiple lifetimes on planet Earth in various plant, insect, and animal bodies giving him an understanding of those life forms and of humanity, and a great love and appreciation for them.

Plashdar, The Andromedan 

was originally the Head of the Council but took on greater responsibilities on her own planet and could no longer give her full attention to leading the council, so she passed on that responsibility.

She is the leader of one Andromedan planet and is an ambassador for that planet to The Andromedan High Council. She is a historian and librarian who keeps records of the Reptilian war, Atlantis, and the histories of the allied planets. She is also a mother of two sons.

As the Andromedan ambassador on the Council she speaks on behalf of the Council for the Assistance to Earth to the Andromedan races. She is also the leader of a small Andromedan council that aids Earth in its ascension process, and is the oldest member of the Council for the Assistance to Earth.

Talia, High Priestess Of The Council

 is a Pleiadian who, like all Pleiadians, loves to sing. And while the Pleiadian race she is part of is very advanced psychically in comparison to human beings, there are still degrees of gifts in each individual. Just like some individuals have a gift for math or music, other individuals have heightened metaphysical gifts.

Talia was born with many spiritual gifts that were more heightened than the other Pleiadians of her race around her and was considered an oracle amongst her own race. When it came time for her to choose her life-path she did not understand how her gifts and passions could work together. On the one hand she was adeptly intuitive and psychic, and on the other hand she also had a desire to help the more ‘primitive planets’ who could not protect themselves from forces intending to cause them harm or to control and influence them in negative ways.

At that time she followed her intuition and her passions without knowing where they would take her, and now she is the High Priestess of the Council for the Assistance to Earth and through her metaphysical abilities she helps planet Earth. She organizes group chants and sends out telepathic messages for those on Earth who are open to receiving them, for protection, awakening, and general advancement. She also energetically assists and protects generals and soldiers in the Reptilian war, and connects and communicates with Earth to better assist Her.

Safon, The Sirian 

is a humanoid being who lives in an underwater city. He is able to breathe underwater and on land having multiple sets of lungs to support both types of air. He has a life partner and two children, a son and a daughter.

He was born with the ability to see into all dimensions at once and to travel into them easily and at will. He also had the ability to see all time simultaneously as it actually exists. He had to learn to distinguish his current now from all the other nows, and he also had to learn how to operate in a single dimension without accidentally travelling into others. His son was also born with these same gifts.

He is in charge of communications and trade negotiations on behalf of the council concerning anything from right of passage, to needed materials, to secret information, and disaster relief operations. Because of his light and jolly attitude and approach to life he is well-liked by others enabling him to easily communicate and trade with many individuals from various walks of life.

The Eternal Child 

resides on a planet within this universe that is so high in vibration it cannot be seen or located by any negative extraterrestrial races. All the beings that operate on that planet are born eternally youthful and do not experience pain or sickness or death. Their bodies age into their teenage years, but then stop before reaching adulthood making them all androgynous and neither fully male or female. As such they create children A-sexually and do not need a partner to create offspring.

The pure and highly sensitive energy of The Eternal Child makes her a valuable ally to the council because she can sense the very fabric of the universe itself, and can feel what a decision that’s made or an action that’s taken would trigger or cause within the energy of the universe.

Even though she cannot see the Reptilian race or other negative extraterrestrials, she is able to sense them and they are at times able to sense her. Because of her sensitivity to energies and the childlike quality she will always have, she can become easily disturbed by negative intentions and energies sent towards her that she is not used to since they are not present on her planet. So as powerful as the energy and influence of The Eternal Child is, it must also be protected and the council surrounds her in protective vibrations.

The Intention Of The Council

Each of the Core members of the Council has achieved immortality and operates as an immortal in a physical or solid form. While in their physical bodies they do not require outside sources of energy such as food, liquids or sun light to sustain themselves. They also never sleep or become tired or sick, and they have achieved this through their mental and spiritual perception, and discipline of mind.

Their intention is to aid the human beings who are ready to achieve this state in the physical form, and they are presenting their teachings and eventually their process (The Immortality Process) of how to achieve such a state.