Beliefs Will Create This Year — A Message From Faleekastrina

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I am Faleekastrina of the Council for the Assistance to Earth.

Each year presents a new energy current just as each planetary cycle gives off new energies to the Earth. The energies affect every person in a different way because each person interprets the waves of energies differently, and each person gives allowance to different things.

So the general current of energy may be saying that this will be a prosperous year, and yet some people will choose to attract poverty. The general energy may be saying that this will be a year where loose ends are tied, and yet some people will choose to wallow in the past and not release themselves from beliefs that tie them to negative circumstances.

On the flip side mercury retrograde can bring in an energy that is forward moving where business deals are closed and harmonious communications take place. All currents of energy are simply suggestions, and it is always a choice what we choose to allow and to disallow.

Many of us are allowing things that are damaging us, and consciously all we want is to remove those damaging circumstances from our lives and our vibratory fields. But beliefs that we have within us ultimately attract and repel every circumstance. Beliefs unfold in front of us, and beliefs created what we have already witnessed before. It is beliefs that are creating our future, the beliefs that we are stuck in and the beliefs we are choosing to adopt for ourselves.

Beliefs will create this year, and beliefs will create this month, this week, and this day. Beliefs about ourselves and what we are capable of, beliefs about others and how they will affect us, and beliefs about the world around us and how we believe that we affect it.

Beliefs run the world.

Beliefs run your life.

It is beliefs that form your thoughts, beliefs that form your feelings, and beliefs that give action to those thoughts and feelings. But action speaks the loudest out into the universe. It is true that ‘actions speak louder than words’ even from a universal standpoint because what you act on proclaims your belief. Whatever you act on is a belief you are choosing to give power to and to proclaim.

It is our actions from out of our beliefs that say the most to the universe, and you can actually begin to change an inner belief by changing an outer action. If the action is changing, the belief it came out of has to fall away.

Changing your habits therefore changes your beliefs.

When you have a belief that causes you to continuously take a certain action, it is difficult to step out of that pattern. However by doing a different action again and again, and developing a different habit you can shift your belief and release your negative thought pattern which gave rise to a negative action you let go of. And by negative I simply mean an action that does not serve you.

Act on a new belief, and you will allow it to be incorporated within you.

I am Faleekastrina, Namaste.


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