Wolf answers the question: If breathariansm is possible then why do we all need to eat?

Written by The Immortality Process on . Posted in Wise Words With Wolf

I believe the main reason that we create the illusion that we need to eat is because we have forgotten who we really are. We are taught here since birth that our bodies are our only sense of self. Since we have forgotten who we are when we come here we don’t remember the truth of our true identity and blindly accept the false identity that we are taught is us. We are also taught that our existence does not go beyond our bodies, that we are cut off and separated from everything and everyone.

Our reality is unlimited. Simply put the main reason we experience these negative needs such as hunger, thirst, etc. and negative experiences such as aging, sickness, pain and death is because we believe the negativity to be real. We are so out of touch with our Realities that we actually think it’s more normal and natural to believe that we are limited than to believe we are unlimited. We are so out of tune with how we are creating our reality that we feel incapable of even just believing that we are unlimited to create whatever we want. Just believing.