Starseeds, Do Not Pine Away Wishing For Home — A Message From Ezekiel Memchat

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I am Ezekiel Memchat of the Council for the Assistance to Earth.

This planet Earth is meant to challenge you. You were not sent here simply to take it easy.

There is a lot to do. There is a lot of clean up. And the Earth feels it too.

But as a Starseed you cannot pine away wishing for home.

Many of us get lost while we are here in emotions of loneliness, of fear, and of anger. Instead of seeking, yearning to step into our own Reality and change Earth, change this planet into the unlimited, free, and peaceful Earth it rightfully is, we choose to get lost and caught up in the illusion of what we feel about these imaginary images of circumstances we are shown.

Do not pine away wishing for home while you are here. You did not come here for an easy mission, but you did not come here to give up. You did not come here simply to feel that you don’t belong.

That is a feeling that all Starseeds have felt. It is a feeling that you have felt because of the lower dimensional plane that you entered into when you were sent into this illusional place where negativity appears all around you.

We understand that feeling, and that feeling should be admitted. But it shouldn’t be the story of your life.

We are here to guide you as you move through negative feelings, and as you move through negative thoughts.

It is good to connect to your home planet, and to understand where you came from and what it was like. But the only reason that that is good is for the purpose of bringing that same energy through you of the place you came from.

Remember how limitless and free you were in the place that you came from for the purpose of bringing that through you in this lower dimension.

Look at it as a challenge.

Many people may not like challenges. They may see them as a negative thing. But I for one love challenges. I feel love for obstacles. I actually feel a true and high sense of love and enjoyment from being challenged.

I look at a challenge, and I face it. And the harder the challenge is the more enjoyment I know I will have from it once I have gone through the challenge and mastered it.

Imagine how much more you will have accomplished when you complete the mission you set out on Earth to do. It is one thing to accomplish being free and unlimited in a higher dimension where it is easy, where it is not so challenging.

And that in and of itself is something that I love about Earth. The thrill of the challenge. The absolutely excitement and thrill of the challenge.

Being on Earth enabled me to face all future challenges with a sense of ease no matter how difficult they seemed to pass through. I knew that I could handle them because they were nothing compared to the challenge of Earth.

Because out here even if I am surrounded by Reptilians I have a much higher perspective, and I know who I am without question. Whereas on Earth you lose some of your sense of self by coming here because of the density of this place. You have to match that density enough to get here, and if you completely remembered who you were you would be automatically in some other dimension of Earth. So you have to lower yourself at least to a degree to arrive here. That causes you to lose some of your own self-awareness.

However, that is only a part of the game. Earth is a game. And it can be a fun game. It is simply a challenge to overcome.

Think of how far you will go once you have mastered the Earth game.

Think of what you will have accomplished!

I am Ezekiel Memchat of the Council for the Assistance to Earth.



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