The Type Of General That I Am — A Message From Ezekiel Memchat

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I am Ezekiel Memchat of the Council for the Assistance to Earth.

I have spoken recently about myself, and my Reality’s theme. I have spoken recently about the story of Atlantis and about receiving the gift of Detachment which gave to me the gift of Clarity.

Now I will speak about things, other things that came to me out of the gifts of Detachment and Clarity.

When you are detached you can simply live because you can allow yourself to simply be without the need for perfectionism and without the need to seem any way to others. When you are clear on who you are you simply allow it to come through you in its way, in its unique and unprogrammed, clear way.

Because I have developed the gift of Detachment I have no fear of physical death, and therefore my body is immortal and does not experience aging or giving out. But this also gave me the ability to detach from my form at any time in very advanced ways.

I am of course referring to a form of astral projection. I am overly aware of my energetic field and body and how it operates through my physical body, and because I can feel myself so clearly and easily physically, and energetically I have the ability to feel everything and everyone around me, what the motives of those around me are, and this is why I became a general in the Reptilian war. I am qualified because of my gifts.

I am a very specific type of general. I am only a general over a small group of extraterrestrials, and what I do is extremely important to the war generals who are heading the actual fighting that has to at this point still commence. The reason that we are at war is for the protection of other primitive races that would otherwise be overrun by the Reptilians and other very corrupt extraterrestrial races. So it is as a form of protection that we engage in war at this point.

As many of you know I head a council which I have called the Council for Uncovering All Reptilian Deception.. We uncover Reptilian war plans, and we uncover Reptilian agents, we uncover Reptilian weaponry that is being invented or put into production, and many other things.

So while other generals lead larger troops and armies, and while other generals are out on the forefront of the battle, my task is to be unheard, and unseen, and unknown.

I lead a small group of specialized extraterrestrials. Many of them also have metaphysical abilities that are extremely useful for the tasks they have to perform.

Because of my ability to travel in and out of my form and to feel the forms of others, and to feel the energetic bodies of others I am able to temporarily enter a Reptilian body in order to gain access to information we would otherwise never have. This has helped very much in the tasks we must perform to keep our armies safe, and ultimately to keep all of the inhabitants of the primitive planets safe and less overtaken or corrupted.

For instance, with this ability of being able to temporarily put my consciousness in someone else’s form I have been able to gather information at Reptilian council meetings by simply sitting and listening in a totally protected way, in a way where I cannot be detected because they are seeing the form of only their comrade (if they can be called comrades to each other) and when I have gathered enough information I simply exit the Reptilian’s form unharmed.

In our realm of existence there is never only a physical war happening. There are Reptilians who have abilities as well, although they are rarely so mastered in them, and the ones who are are few and far between. They are not advanced spiritually and so of course it is more difficult for them to gain access to the potential of their spiritual gifts.

Sometimes there are Reptilians guarding dangerous weaponry often run by a central computer as you would call it, and it is our job if you will or I simply refer to it as a task to perform.. It is our task to enter into the building where they are holding this central computer weapon and to either disable it, or if it is small to simply remove it from their hands and into ours. Then the weapon is given over to qualified scientists who can figure out what the weapon could be useful for or if it is better ultimately to simply destroy it.

Some weapons are not useful at all to us because even though we are in a war and it is necessary to use weaponry, there are some weapons that our conscience would not allow us to use, and the Reptilians for the most part do not have a conscience.

I cannot speak for them all because within any race there are some who choose to become different from others of their race, but generally so the entire race is basically corrupt and has a single minded intention and focus.

They are constantly seeking out other planets that they can acquire for their own whether those planets are empty but suitable for living beings to function upon, or whether those planets are inhabited but by races that are too primitive technologically to defend adequately or at all.

The Reptilians are a fearful race and rarely attack a planet that has inhabitants capable of countering their attack in an equal way, unless they are not attempting to take over that planet and they are attacking a race that is already at war with them.

We do not go to war lightly, and we are peaceful ourselves. However, there comes a time when evil must be countered and put an end to. And we cannot sit idly by and watch as the Reptilians take over one planet after the other and become a swarm. They would eventual attempt to take over all of the planets inhabited by any type of race advanced or not if they gained enough resources and if they had enough planets to become the largest race as far as their population.

They are like a swarm that wants to grow and grow and grow. Most of them seem to be plugged into a sort of hive mind, and it is difficult for them to think or advance solely on their own. They are one-minded, and yet individual.

I am Ezekiel Memchat of the Council for the Assistance to Earth. Namaste.


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