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Chakra/Energetic Field Scan

Chakra/Energetic Field Scan

A simple 20 Min or Comprehensive 45 Min scan of your seven chakras (other chakras may or may not come up during the reading), including how they are functioning and if they are opened or blocked, your strongest chakras and where your gifts lie, and areas to improve upon.

Chakra/Energetic Field Scan On Sale!

Origin/Soul-Type Readings
This reading is for those who wish to know their soul-type and origin. Are you an old soul? Do you wonder where your soul came from? Perhaps you are a Faery, Starseed or Angel experiencing a human lifetime, or you are on the indigo, crystal or rainbow vibration. For Starseeds: This reading will also answer the question of, which planet do I originate from? Other common questions aligning with this reading type are, What is my soul’s purpose? or What is my mission in this lifetime?

Origin Readings