Thought Form Removal Sessions


 In Reality You Are Limitless. The  Fact That You Seem Limited Is An Illusion.

During a Thought Form Removal Session, Isis-Neith & Wolf will work with you to Reveal your Real self by removing false beliefs and negative conditioned programmings. Isis and Wolf will give you the tools to Real self empowerment and Real self connection, You will not need power from an outside source when you are connected to your own from within.

Come into the session with an open heart and mind, and a notebook.

45 Minute, 90 Minute and 120 Minute sessions are available through skype IM, voice call or video call.

Thought Form Removal Sessions

“Wolf and Isis, both of you helped me a lot – not only with the Thought Form Removal Session but also with your videos! You combine intuition and logical thinking which is a precious gift and I believe it is less common than one might think. I thank you so much for making me understand what I already felt and feel what I already knew – and showing me paths I couldn’t see before.”  ~Sophia

“Thanks for the great Thoughtform clearing session. I was at my worst when we started the Skype session and i’m feeling 100 percent stronger and more confident now. It’s a great combination, Wolf’s grounded explanations and dialogue and Isis’ psychic impressions, it was a very balanced and insightful session. ” ~Laila Love