What An Old Story Can Teach Us — A Message From Isis-Neith

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Currently in our society we are conditioned to want everything quickly and easily. We have been programmed to believe that ‘the best things in life are for free’, and that the things that require zero to very little effort on our parts give us the most fulfillment.

We have been conditioned to want to lose 100 lbs in a month (as if that’s even healthy), to rush to work, to eat ‘fast’ food, to do everything that is comfortable, and to avoid anything that could give us an uncomfortable (or negative) emotion.

We have been conditioned to cover our emotions up with food rather than to walk through them. When we are upset, we eat, because it hides our emotions, and that is much easier, so much easier than actually feeling them. But feeling them would release them.

We are taught in Law Of Attraction that it is all about becoming happy, and feeling happy even when we want to puke. But from personal experience, I have attracted some of the worst moments in my life when I was trying to feel happy and avoid negative feelings so that I could be in a positive state. I realized that it is only by releasing negativity, which means walking through it, feeling through it, and allowing it rather than avoiding it, that we come into our authentic selves.

The New Age community has gone beyond the Law Of Attraction with this concept of avoiding negativity. Many channelers for instance, channel one false message after the other telling everyone that the aliens are going to save our world, and save humanity, rather than telling us that we are capable and will do this ourselves.

A truly positive, high vibrational being sees beyond our thought forms into the Divine within us, and their desire is to help us to reach that state for ourselves, not to magically hand it to us.

Through personal experience I have found that when it comes to spiritual advancement, this rings especially true. Here I will give an example using an old story you may (or may not) have heard before.

The story is of the Nordic god Odin, and his encounter with the Runic Spirits.

It began where Odin, Chief of all the gods, sat high on his throne in his kingdom of Asgard, looking out over all the cosmos. There in the center stood the great tree Yggdrasil, and three wise women, the Norns, who controlled the fate and destiny of the nine worlds. It was through their knowledge of the runes that they carved on the tree Yggdrasil, that they affected the destiny and course of the future. And seeing them and their influence, he wanted all the power the runes had given them.

But only the most worthy and patient beings could acquire the knowledge of the runes, because the runic spirits were silent to anyone who called them, except those whom they found deserving.

So Odin hung himself from a branch of Yggdrasil, and pierced himself with his own spear, and for nine days and nine nights he called to the runes, not allowing anyone to aid him with food or water, or to offer him comfort, and on the ninth night the runes answered him. They gave to him all the knowledge and power that he was worthy of.

That is but one story. On another occasion Odin travelled to the Well of Mimir. Mimir was the well’s guardian, and the most knowledgeable being in all the cosmos. He had gained much of his wisdom by drinking from the well, and when Odin asked him for a sip of water from the well, Mimir refused unless Odin would exchange the knowledge for one of his eyes. So Odin plucked out his eye, and tossed it in the well.

In these stories there are several key points I will mention.

  1. You can see in both of these stories that when it comes to great spiritual knowledge, effort is required, and often the spirits demand it. We are often taught that a high vibrational entity will just give us everything, and that that is because of how loving they are. But a truly loving, and high vibrational being wants us to grow, and wants us to be ready for any advanced knowledge we come to learn. They want to see us advance which means they want to see us push ourselves past our fears, our discomforts, and our false, illusional selves.
  1. He specifically is giving up physical comforts, and bypassing the physical in order to gain spiritual wisdom. He fasts for 9 days and nights in the first story. So he is telling his body ‘no’ and his spirit ‘yes’.
  1. In the second story Odin specifically is required to give up an eye for spiritual wisdom. So he is giving up his physical eye, representing all the thought forms within his physical, limited perception. Through our physical eyes and thought forms we perceive race and gender, the way things appear outwardly, and judge everything based off what we believe is valuable or invaluable in a physical way. We also perceive limitations as to what we can achieve because we forget that our mind, emotions, and spirit are directing our body.
  1. Odin realizes that not only is the knowledge he desires worthy of giving something up in return, but he also realizes that he himself is worthy to give something false up in order to achieve something real. That is the reason that Odin was willing and able to achieve spiritual knowledge, and to pass through all the illusions he faced. He knew he was Odin, the deity, the Patron of gods, and he knew that no one else would do this for him. It was this knowledge of who he was, and that he was worthy, that enabled him to value himself enough to face his thought forms and walk through them. And on the other side of that, his spiritual mastery gifted itself to him.

Odin understood that spiritual knowledge comes when you lay down your false self, it comes when you give up your false needs, when you put in time, effort, patience, and feel that you, meaning who you really are, is worthy of feeling spiritual growth pains to acquire what you are seeking, and what you deeply want.

I will conclude with a passage from one of the Starseed channelings of 2010 in which a man called Michael speaks about his passion to grow spiritually and advance his vibration. “This is all that I am!  This is my driving desire!  It consumes every part of me to grow and learn, to love more, to know more, to think more highly, to love more, to be real-er.This must consume you!  It must be your driving force!  You must want to bring your vibrational level up higher! You must want it more than anything!  You must intend it!  You must desire it!  It must be the highest desire of your mind and being! It must fill you!  The desire must be your driving force! Everything you do must be from this so-high desire!  It must be your… LIFE now.”


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