You Deserve What Serves You — A Message From Ezekiel Memchat

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I am Ezekiel Memchat of the Council for the Assistance to Earth.

Emptying yourself of old vibrations that never have served you requires you to fall into new patterns. It requires you to give up the false comforts that only ended up lowering you. It requires you to really sit and look at what the false comforts in your life are.

When you are experiencing a false comfort it presents itself still as a comfort, but when you let go of it you make room for true joy. When you let go of it, you make room for growth, and the things that were weighing you down are let go and you are lifted up.

So something that we have always taught and will continue to teach is that one of the number one requirements for self-growth and spiritual growth is self-examination. This does not mean putting yourself down or being a perfectionist because that is not looking at yourself in a detached way, and so you don’t end up seeing yourself in a clear way. It is simply about detaching and valuing yourself enough to lay any false comforts down, and valuing yourself enough to take the time required to find out what in your life is a true high and what in your life is a false high. And then honor and value yourself enough to remove each false comfort as you become aware of it.

Many people that know of their false comforts don’t value themselves enough to remove them.

For instance, many people understand that addictive foods are false comforts that end up lowering them, and putting them into a negative pattern and simply a lower vibrational state. Many people are aware that meat for instance lowers their energy and their emotions, and many people are aware of what liquids for instance would benefit them. Most people are aware that it would be better for them to drink fresh juices and to cut out heavier foods to cleanse their bodies, and most people have an understanding that doing so would bring them into a higher vibrational state where they would feel better, truly better. However, they do not value themselves enough to commit to a better lifestyle. They admit what is a false comfort and what would be a true comfort, but they don’t go after those true comforts because they are too consumed by the addiction presented by the false comfort.

It is always your ability however, to step into a new pattern. You always have the ability to identify false comforts, and to step out of them. That is what growth is. Growth requires you to feel truly worthy, to understand that you are valuable beyond measure, and to understand that your internal and external growth require commitments that you are worthy of.

If you are continuing an addictive habit rather than choosing to commit to stepping out of it, you are telling the vibrational field all around you, you are telling the All That Is that you are worthy of what is bad for you. You are telling the All That Is that you want a lower vibration, that you do not desire to step into who you really are.

It is important to step into actions that tell the All That Is that who you are in truth is valuable, and that stepping into the vibration of your true self is what you truly want, and deserve.

You deserve what serves you.

I am Ezekiel Memchat of the Council for the Assistance to Earth.


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